Value for Money Top Priority for New Car Buyers

The official new car sales statistics for 2019 were released last month and unsurprisingly they’re slightly down when compared with the same statistics from 2018 (2.4%). Britain had a slightly turbulent and uncertain year, so it’s not necessarily a surprise to anyone that consumers were more cautious than normal. However, a massive number of cars were still purchased with slightly over 2.3 million cars registered last year.

Highs and Lows of the Year

Although the small shortfall in sales last year, some manufacturers did continue to sell many cars, however for some the unstable year proved too much and it may be the case we won’t be seeing them in the showroom next year.

Here’s an overview of last year’s car sales:

  • Ford and Volkswagen each surpassed 200,000 vehicle sales.
  • Mercedes and BMW managed around 170,000 each, taking over Vauxhall at 160,000
  • Land Rover was the most successful in the 4×4 market with 70,000.
  • Sadly, Infiniti struggled, only managing on average, less than one car per day.
  • Chevrolet proved the lowest of the low and only sold little more than one vehicle a week.
  • MG and Dacia both seen the largest levels of growth, 44% and 28% respectively.

Consumers Prefer the No Frills Car

Stats are showing that the British public are choosing cheaper no-frills, brand new cars instead of opting for spending the same amount of money on a fancier second-hand car. A massive 57% of cars sold in 2019 were low-priced superminis or other small models. The imminent death of diesel fuel may also be being greatly exaggerated as we can see that 25% of cars sold last year had a diesel engine. As we can see, MG and Dacia are playing the right game and are proving to be the two most forward-thinking brands.

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