Top Reasons to use Allied Autocare Mobile Servicing

If you own a car, new or old, it’s going to need a service somewhere along the line. You’ll be looking for someone to trust, who’s reliable, a service which is value for money and most importantly one that’s convenient.

We Come to You

Here at Allied Autocare, we’ll come to you, wherever suits you best. This eliminates the need to arrange your day around dropping off your car and picking it up later in the day. Having to arrange a lift back home or to work can be stressful, and you might not be sure when your car will be ready. Mobile servicing helps cut costs if the only option for you to get where you need to be is a taxi. You can save on fuel costs, downtime, hassle and travel with our advanced mobile solution to Ford and Peugeot servicing for your car, van or minibus.

Full Maintenance Service

Just because our vans are mobile, doesn’t mean we can’t carry out all the necessary checks that you would have in a garage. Our mobile vans are fully equipped to carry out warranty services and repairs, meaning checks are carried out on the following:

  • tyres
  • brakes
  • all light instruments
  • gauges and warning lights
  • your wheel alignment
  • electrics
  • engine oil and filter & air filter.

    A full service is not limited to just these checks, for a full list of what happens during your vehicle service, click here.

    Ford and Peugeot Authorised Technicians

    Ford and Peugeot set high standards for its official service and repair network and Allied Autocare is proud to be a part of both of them. This means we can offer high standards of repairs and services at your home or workplace. Our technicians are trained, evaluated and audited to meet Ford and Peugeot specifications.

    We’re a Fleet Servicing Solution Too

    Caring for your organisation’s vehicles can be quite a daunting task and sometimes the best solution is to hand that responsibility onto someone else to allow you to get on with more important work. We can carry out a number of services for your fleet including:

    • Full maintenance servicing
    • Organising fleet MOT’s
    • Carrying out regulatory checks such as LOLER tests
    • Checking for manufacturer recalls
    • Managing all maintenance needs