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London is regarded as one of the world’s most important cities and has been given a variety of terms over the past few years. It’s been voted, the world’s most desirable, most powerful, most influential, most expensive, most visited, most innovative, sustainable and most popular for work city in the world. London exerts a considerable impact on many factors in the city, but transportation is one of the highest impactors. Only second to Paris, the cities urban area is the most populous in the EU but exceeds when it comes to the population of the commuter belt with over 14 million inhabitants. A high population of people tends to mean a high population of vehicles.

Driving in London

Many road users in London have to pay congestion charges when driving into the central zone, these charges are usually applicable between Monday and Friday. If you have a highly polluting vehicle, you will have to pay an additional charge, the T-charge, check the Euro emissions standard to see what you will have to pay. With all these stressful factors to deal with, the last thing you would want to do is break down in the centre of London, so keeping your vehicle in tip-top condition is the best preventative method. Looking for the best car service London can provide is a great start. Here at Allied Autocare, we can provide mobile car servicing meaning your car can be serviced in your driveway or work car park leaving you free to carry on your daily tasks.

Mobile Car Service London

Finding the best car service East London can provide may be a harder task, the busy and bustling East end might not always be able to accommodate your vehicle. Using our mobile car servicing is an easy way to prevent your vehicle from breaking down in the city, we can run diagnostics tests and warranty repairs saving you on downtime and fuel costs. Looking for a cheap car service London has to offer is also a tricky task as London is notoriously expensive and the prices are much higher than the rest of the country. We offer competitive pricing when it comes to our mobile servicing, we are in line with garage pricing, meaning it won’t cost you any more for us to come to you*.

*Standard franchise garage maintenance rates – no additional fee for OnSite™, WorkBase™ or HomeStay™ visit.